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Privacy Policy

Nanno Corporation ("NANNO") has established a Privacy Policy and promotes the protection of personal information by constructing its mechanism and making all enployees understand the importance of protecting personal information.

■Management of personal information

NANNO has taken the employee training, made provision for maintenance of a security system, implements safety measures and performs severe management of personal information in order to maintain the customer's personal information at the exact and newest state and to prevent unlawful access, the loss, the breakage, the alteration, disclosure, etc.

■Purpose of use of personal information

NANNO utilizes the personal information of our customers we have for sending E-mail and business information as answer that.

■Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information
 to third parties

NANNO manages appropriately the personal information kept from the costomer.
NANNO does not provide personal information to any third party except the following case.

・If there is consent of the customer
・If NANNO provides personal information to contractor in order
 to perform service expected by the costomer
・If to disclose is importance on the laws

■Safety measures for personal information

NANNO has taken all possible measure to security to assure you that the personal information is exactly correct and safe.

■Inquiry ofthe person

When the customer requests the inquiry, revision and deletion of personal information, NANNO will use personally identifiable information to verify that the party making such a request is the individual.
After that, NANNO will do what the customer wants.


NANNO strictly observes all applicable Japanese laws, rules and internal regulations regarding the handling of personal information.
And also NANNO reviews the contents of this policy and strives to improve that.

■Contact Us

Please contact us inquiry about the handling of personal information of the Company.
579-8014 Osaka HigashiOsaka 5-9-26 Nakaishikiri-cho
TEL +8172-981-6911 FAX +8172-981-6913
Mail : info@tableting-tools.com

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