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We have been manufacturing our products while faithfully sticking to the fundamentals,
which are based on our long-accumulated techniques and experience acquired through manufacturing precision punches and dies for the automobile industry that we have been working on since our establishment.
MURAMASA tablet tooling is created using the full range of manufacturing and inspection facilities and by the hands of craftsmen.

リユース 弊社では近年高まっている杵のリユース(再処理)ニーズに対応しています。
  • 表面処理技術
  • 焼き入れ技術
  • 品質管理
  • リユース
  • 設計
  • 異形錠
  • 一貫生産

This allows you to reduce your punch preparation cost by approximately 50% compared to buying new products.
If a punch to be reused is in the appropriate condition, we are capable of processing it to have a near-mirror surface similar to that of a new product.

Flow of Punch Reuse


When "3. Extra adjustment" is applied:

By applying extra adjustments to the tip, the tableting surface is regenerated and the product can be used in the same way as a brand-new product.
By applying extra adjustments, the total length and the bottom length of the product will become shorter, which makes it necessary to adjust the tablet press machine.

When "3. Extra adjustment" is not applied:

By skipping extra adjustments,
the product can be reused with even less cost.
Small dents that cannot be removed only by lapping will remain on the product surface,
which may result in a less mirror-like surface in comparison to the outcome when extra adjustments have been applied.

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NANNO Technology

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Reusable Punch
Our punches are reusable, which contributes to cost reduction. We can make adjustments to punches
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