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Message from the President

代表取締役 南野 重雄

Shigeo Minamino, CEO

What is the essence of "Manufacturing"? I have often pondered this question.
When we manufacture a product, what we dream of in our mind is the vision that our customer is using the product, commenting to themselves that "this is a good product".
We experience the utmost happiness when we hear such comments. Day after day, we face and tackle any difficulties with resolve so that we can experience these happy moments and know that we have helped someone. We also strive hard to create new products so that we can hear positive comments from more of our customers.
This is the mindset that is essential for manufacturing.
There is no finish line to achieve for our company.
We simply and steadily continue on into the future with our meticulous punch and die manufacturing that meets the demands of the time.
To us, manufacturing of products amounts to the smile and sense of satisfaction of a customer. NANNO Co., Ltd. continues its manufacturing business to enjoy that sense of satisfaction at every moment through the changing times.

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Company Profile

Company Name NANNO Co., Ltd.
Establishment March 1975
Capital 10 million yen
Sales 1 billion yen / yr
Number of Employees 83
President Shigeo Minamino, CEO
Products ・Designing and manufacturing of punches and dies for cold and hot heading
・Designing and manufacturing of punches and dies for powder compression forming
Main Bank Hiraoka Branch, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Locations ・Osaka Main Factory
5-9-26 Naka-Ishikiri-cho, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka 579-8014
TEL +81-(0)72-981-6911, FAX +81-(0)72-981-6913
・Miyazaki Factory
4365-11, Kitagawachi, Kitago-cho, Nichinan, Miyazaki 889-2403
TEL +81-(0)987-21-7610, FAX +81-(0)987-21-7612

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March 1975 Established Nanno Tool Manufacturing, a limited company.
March 1986 Moved to the current location (5 Naka-Ishikiri-cho, Higashi-Osaka) to build a new factory.
April 1988 Established New Heat, an affiliate limited company.
May 1991 Changed the company name to NANNO Co., Ltd. Also built another factory.
September 2003 Built another factory on the neighboring site.
December 2007 Built a new factory for manufacturing tablet tooling in Nichinan, Miyazaki.
August 2015 Built a heat treatment building facility in the neighboring Miyazaki Factory.

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■Osaka Main Factory

By train:
15-minute walk from Shin-Ishikiri Station on the Kintetsu Keihanna-line.
20-minute walk from Ishikiri Station on the Kintetsu Nara-line.

■Miyazaki Factory

By car:
41-minute drive via Route 269 from Miyazaki Airport
By train:
45-minute walk from Kitago Station on the JR Nichinan-line.

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Company Information

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Reusable Punch
Our punches are reusable, which contributes to cost reduction. We can make adjustments to punches
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