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We use special steel as the base material, which previously was rarely used for tablet tooling.
We successfully improved the rigidity of the tablet tooling, etc. through machining processes that take advantage of our unique heat treatment technology established through precision jig and tool manufacturing.

Our Passion Hidden in MURAMASA

By applying our extensive technology and experience accumulated through the manufacture of precision dies for the automotive industry since our founding, we have entered the tablet tooling manufacturing industry.
With the understanding that what is valued most is quality, we have established our "MURAMASA" label for our special tableting tools that are produced using our unique heat treatment technology.
As a steel expert, we are striving to make MURAMASA the new standard in tableting tools in the years to come.

Future of MURAMASA

The demand for tableting tools is very high, not only within Japan but also overseas.
Our goal is to demonstrate the world-class technology of Japan in the form of tableting tools from NANNO.
We envisage a future in which the MURAMASA products that bear the name of world famous Japanese swords are widely used in many parts of the world.


Tablet tooling with excellent rigidity.
Compatible with various types of surface treatments to offer further potential.

CLEAN type

New stainless steel material "SP520", uniquely developed by NANNO, is used as the base metal.
Newly developed punches that offer corrosion resistance and rigidity, and can be treated with a ceramic coating.


Standard tableting tools mainly finished with hard chrome plating.

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List of surface treatments / Comparison table

Coating type Coating hardness
Features Comparison with HCr punches Surface treatment combination
Wear Regular
typeS typeK
T2000 3200 This has higher coating hardness and better releasability compared to N2000.
Very effective for tableting substances such as magnesium oxide with high wear resistance.
double circle triple circle cross circle circle circle
N2000 3000 Offers releasability equivalent to that of CrN, while having higher coating hardness. Very effective for tableting substances such as magnesium oxide with high wear resistance. double circle triple circle cross circle circle circle
CrN-HCDⅡ 1800 The surface is very close to a mirror finish, and effective as an anti-sticking measure. triple circle circle cross circle circle circle
CrN-ARC 2000 Compared with HCDII, higher wear resistance is achieved, while the surface condition is lower quality. circle double circle cross circle circle circle
DLC 3000~ This has high coating hardness and wear resistance, offering great releasability for some tablet types. Very effective for tableting substances such as chemical products. triangle double circle cross circle circle circle
HCr 800~ Standard surface treatment coating.
This can be applied to the entire punch and is also effective as corrosion protection.
n/a n/a circle triangle triangle circle

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