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MURAMASA STRONG type[S] Excellent Strength

  • typeS (High strength type)
  • typeK (High toughness type)

typeS (High strength type)

Products of this type have excellent pressure resistance as a result of employing material with higher strength than conventional materials.
As any type of surface treatment can be applied with this material, this type can be used in many different ways depending on the usage.

POINT1Toughness of punches allows for lower tableting pressure
Toughness offered by the punch material provides superior transfer of tableting pressure.
This allows for tableting using lower pressure because the pressure can be transferred to tablets without loss.
This results in reduction of the occurrence of capping.
POINT2Highly flexible heat treatment
With our unique heat treatment technology, the punches are manufactured in such a way that the part where the rollers come in contact has lower hardness than the tip.
In this way, we managed to achieve both the toughness of the punch tip and the peace of mind that the machine will not get damaged.
These are the unique specifications of NANNO realized only by heat treatment technology using salt baths.


Super hard alloy is applied in the interior of the die by shrink fitting in order to enhance wear resistance.
The shrink fitting dimensions are specified internally and managed so that problems such as loosening should not occur.
This type of die offers outstanding wear resistance in comparison with standard steel dies.

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List of surface treatments / Comparison table

Coating type Coating hardness
Features Comparison with HCr punches Surface treatment combination
Wear Regular
typeS typeK
T2000 3200 This has higher coating hardness and better releasability compared to N2000.
Very effective for tableting substances such as magnesium oxide with high wear resistance.
double circle triple circle cross circle circle circle
N2000 3000 Offers releasability equivalent to that of CrN, while having higher coating hardness. Very effective for tableting substances such as magnesium oxide with high wear resistance. double circle triple circle cross circle circle circle
CrN-HCDⅡ 1800 The surface is very close to a mirror finish, and effective as an anti-sticking measure. triple circle circle cross circle circle circle
CrN-ARC 2000 Compared with HCDII, higher wear resistance is achieved, while the surface condition is lower quality. circle double circle cross circle circle circle
DLC 3000~ This has high coating hardness and wear resistance, offering great releasability for some tablet types. Very effective for tableting substances such as chemical products. triangle double circle cross circle circle circle
HCr 800~ Standard surface treatment coating.
This can be applied to the entire punch and is also effective as corrosion protection.
n/a n/a circle triangle triangle circle

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