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We have been manufacturing our products while faithfully sticking to the fundamentals,
which are based on our long-accumulated techniques and experience acquired through manufacturing precision punches and dies for the automobile industry that we have been working on since our establishment.
MURAMASA tablet tooling is created using the full range of manufacturing and inspection facilities and by the hands of craftsmen.

設計 どのような形状でも錠剤から寸法を採寸し、図面化する事が可能です。
  • 表面処理技術
  • 焼き入れ技術
  • 品質管理
  • リユース
  • 設計
  • 異形錠
  • 一貫生産




As for the lettering on tablets, you can not only use the standard fonts but also freely design any fonts that suit the tablets or the drawings.
We can accommodate any font shapes that suit your needs during the design process, with any letter width or height, or any stamping area size, etc.

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Tablet Size and Shape


In order to allow for possibilities of various tablet shapes even during the design phase, we provide customers with 3D drawings for review and discussion.
This allows for calculation of the surface area and the volume of a tablet, which provides useful data for discussing new kinds of tablets.

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The stress applied to the tablet during tableting is analyzed so that the way the force is applied can be checked visually.
This allows for detecting the potential risk of cracking and chipping at the phase of tablet shape design, which contributes to the smooth progress from the R&D stage to the mass production.

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NANNO Technology

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NANNO Technology
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