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We have been manufacturing our products while faithfully sticking to the fundamentals,
which are based on our long-accumulated techniques and experience acquired through manufacturing precision punches and dies for the automobile industry that we have been working on since our establishment.
MURAMASA tablet tooling is created using the full range of manufacturing and inspection facilities and by the hands of craftsmen.

品質管理 弊社製品は全品検査を行い、トレーサビリティにも対応です。
  • 表面処理技術
  • 焼き入れ技術
  • 品質管理
  • リユース
  • 設計
  • 異形錠
  • 一貫生産

We conduct 100% inspection of manufactured MURAMASA tablet tooling using the inspection instruments in our facility. Then the production number and the lot number are engraved using laser marking. Each customer will receive an inspection report as a guarantee of the MURAMASA quality.
We record all the results of past inspections. It is therefore possible to confirm the quality of a product manufactured in the past.

打錠面の観察 マイクロスコープ
打錠面の粗さ測定 面粗度測定機
杵臼形状の測定 コントレーサー 三次元測定機

Observation of tableting surface



We make observations of the punch using a microscope that is capable of 3500-fold magnification.
This step is used to check for any dents, to observe the tableting surface before and after surface treatment, or to make a close-up inspection when there are any issues with the punch.
By looking at the product in detail and sharing that information with the customer, this step is useful and effective in resolving and preventing any issues.

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Shape measurement of punches and dies



This instrument measures the contour shape of an object using a 25µ needle called stylus, which touches the surface of the product to be measured while moving along the surface and analyzing its track.
It is capable of any kind of measurement of punches and dies, including the shape of the tableting surface, stamping, and breakline shapes.
This instrument is also capable of computing the design drawing of a given punch, which makes it possible to produce new punches without having the original design drawing.

Three dimensional measuring machine


This instrument is used to measure the 360° contour, coaxiality, and angles.
The measurement error of this equipment is almost zero, allowing for very reliable measurements and contributing to the verification of product quality.

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Roughness measurement of tableting surface

Surface roughness measuring machine

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This is used to measure the surface roughness of the products at a level of microns.
The unevenness is measured to express the surface roughness numerically, which is used as part of the criteria for evaluation of the conditions of the tableting surface finish as well as the sticking inspection.

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